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Unleash your boundary in the tour

Planning a brief or extended stay at Cox’s Bazar? The rooms and suites at Long Beach Hotel remarkably fulfills style, comfort and surrounding. Having adorned with 3 types of suites and same number of rooms, we have arranged a world class setting to fulfill your business tour and holiday stay. We have furnished, equipped and accommodated considering high standard of living. Amenities cover everything that your far off vacation requires. In addition, snap the views of hillside and seashore – whatever induces you. Come here and feel the warmth of tranquility and comfort; get rhythm in life through the proximity of the waves of the Bay of Bengal. Choose the solution that best suits your need.

House Rules

Check-in: 13:00HRS

Check-Out: 11:00HRS

No Smoking
No Pets
No Parties or Events

Cancalation Policies

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